Baseline Pitching Machine By Firstpitch Baseball Softball Combo

Baseline Pitching Machine graphicThe Baseline combo pitching machine is an capable of throwing real baseballs, softballs and even dimpled machine balls up to speeds of 70 miles per hour (confirmed by radar at 60 feet). It’s an ideal pitching machine for fielding practise with a 360 degree swivel and a powerful horsepower motor that is strong and durable.

This is a popular baseball pitching machine and is very similiar to the Jugs machine used in High Schools and in youth associations. However, it is roughly half the price of the Jugs machine and throws very straight balls reliably, even when using dimpled balls. It’s a well built machine that is sturdy and quiet and it takes about 2 two minutes to switch it between baseballs and softballs.

Baseline Pitching Machine Features

  • Adjustable speeds from 0-70 mph Baseball (0-60 mph Softball) allowing you to practice at almost any level you want
  • A more powerful motor than many other machines on the market
  • Simple to adjust pitch angle allowing you to cover the entire plate
  • Reversible legs allow for rapid adjustment between baseball and softball – takes moments and needs no tools to do!
  • Works with any type of baseball or softball: dimpled, leather baseball or softball (11″ or 12″)
  • Curved skid plate to improve pitch accuracy and ball longevity
  • Steel encased electric motor for safety around children
  • Capped steel legs providing greater stability on most surfaces
  • Full-sized, specifically designed pitching machine tire gives durability and long usage life
  • Easy 360-degree adjustment to send fly-balls and fielding grounders anywhere on th epitch
  • Welded steel build, giving increased durability
  • Runs on regular 110V A/C power
  • Completely made in the USA (unlike many other pitching machines)
  • 5 Year Warranty

The speed is clearly marked on the dial and the power cord is securely fastened in place. This is definitely one of the best and most reliable pitching machines on the market and comes highly recommended. Owners of this Firstpitch Baseline pitching machine give it 5 stars online casino out of 5.

This pitching machine only weighs in at 55 pounds. Whilst it isn’t the lightest, it is still portable without too much effort. The ball feed tubes lock in place with positioning pins and a large, easy to use locking knob. The bearings are a sealed unit and well lubricated to give them a long life time.

The Fastline Baseline pitching machine is good for single person use because it has a ball feeder on it. Some pitching machines don’t ship with a ball feeder, but this one does. It’s easy to use and allows you to practise your pitches when you want to without having to find a buddy to load balls into the pitching machine for you.

Users of this pitching machine love the build quality, as well as the fact it has been produced in America. It is easy to assemble and can be hooked up to a generator if you want to use it away from an outlet.

You can get your Fastline Baseline pitching machine today at a great discount from Amazon. Click here now to read actual user reviews and find out more about this fully featured baseball pitching machine.

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