Fisher Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball


Fisher Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball

Want to help your kids be better Baseball batters? Read our independant review of the Fisher Price baseball pitching machine and learn why it is a great toy for your kids

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Fisher Price Espn Better Batter BaseballThis innovative, tee-free design helps your kids keep their eye where it should be when they’re learning to bat-on the ball, not the tee! This batting trainer makes learning to hit the ball fun and easy.

Just tap the plate and the mechanical arm automatically loads a ball! Sound effects, baseball “chatter,” and ESPN music add to the fun. Height adjustable for peewees to preschool pros. Includes bat and 3 balls, but no batteries. It requires 3 “C” batteries.

It is designed for children aged up to around 8 years old.

The Fisher Price ESPN Better Batter baseball is proving to be a big hit with the children. It’s a great way to get your kids interested in this All American past time.

Whilst some parents are reporting that this toy is a little flimsy and does break on occasion, in general it is reliable. If your kids are particularly rough with it then you can expect it to break. However, it does come with a guarantee and if it does break you can return it for a replacement easily enough with Amazon’s great customer service.

The major complaint is the that there are only 3 balls shipped with this product. However, you can buy additional packs of 3 balls from here if you want them.

All in all, the Fisher Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball machine is a great toy that your kids will enjoy. Whether they are playing little league or just interested, this will give them hours of fun.

Fisher Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball Buyer Quotes:

“My 3 year old just received this as a gift, and he loves it! Within 5 minutes of hitting the ball, he was hitting it harder and more correctly than he had in months of hitting it off a traditional tee. My nephews (5 and 7) also loved it, and since the height can be adjusted this toy should last a while.”

“My son absolutely loves this toy. He really enjoys hitting the baseballs from the automatic feeder and he likes the sound effects too. Qualitywise it seems fine – there haven’t been any issues so far and we’ve had it in the backyard for over 2 months. As for the others who’ve posted negative reviews… My only conclusion is that maybe in general this toy is more suited toward the physical strength of younger toddlers? My son is 2 1/2 years old and hasn’t managed to break or damage any of the parts. Overall, a great toy. “

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