Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Reviews


Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Reviews

Get a pro baseball setup in your backyard for surprisingly little. Read our Heater baseball pitching machine reviews and see how this machine will help improve your batting.

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heater baseball pitching machineThe Heater baseball pitching machine from Trend Sports provides a high quality pitching machine at an affordable price. The powerful 1/4 horsepower motor throws baseballs at variable speeds up to 50 miles per hour. The Heater also includes an automatic ball feeder that holds 12 baseballs. Just turn on the feeder and each ball is dropped into the Heater pitching machine every 9 seconds. Take batting practice without the need for another player. And with a simple tilt adjustment you can also catch grounders and fly-balls. Plug the Heater into any standard wall outlet or use it with the optional RollingPower battery pack for convenience. It will also work with most AC generators!

You may also consider the optional PowerAlley or Xtender Home Batting Cages and improve your hitting right in your own backyard.


  • Throws Pop-up
  • Line Drives
  • Grounders
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Pitches Baseballs Up To 50 MPH
  • Fully Enclosed Air-Filled Tire
  • Adjustable Pitch Height
  • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder
  • Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C Power

This is a very good baseball pitching machine and works well with a batting cage which isn’t too expensive to buy. The machine is easy to set up and is very accurate with its pitches. It’s perfectly designed to help you or your kids build their confidence and improve the ability to hit the ball.

It is easy to adjust the speed and it has a good variety of speed settings. At the fast speeds you may expect to miss a few as it is fast! However, this is going to make sure that you improve your hitting ability. You’ll find yourself getting a lot quicker with the bat which will give you the edge playing baseball.

The dimple balls are very accurate, but if you buy some leather balls to go with it you will find the accuracy diminishes slightly but the speed will increase by about 10 mph, which is more realistic. Don’t be tempted to use cheap synthetic balls as they will fall apart in this machine as well as flying slower and their aim being less consistent. Leather balls will eventually wear so you will have to rotate them to keep them in good condition.

Because of the variation in speed, it is ideal for the whole family. At the lower speed settings it can be used by children as young as 4 or 5 years old and the higher speed settings are ideal for mom or dad (or older children) to try their hand.

If you are taking this to the park or away from an outlet you can get a 700W power inverter, a spare car battery and a car battery charger. It is a nice, quiet and cheap alternative to purchasing a generator – spend less than $100 for the battery, inverter and charger combined.

Ultimately, this is a very reliable and high quality pitching machine that is suitable for all the family. If you buy good quality balls you will find the pitches to be fast and accurate. A highly recommended baseball pitching machine that will give you years of use.

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