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Zooka Pitching Machine

The Zooka pitching machines are the Rolls Royce of pitching machines. High quality, portable, easy to use and providing great pitches they'll help you improve your skill.

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Zooka Pitching MachineThe Zooka pitching machine offers superb performance and incredible vale for money. This baseball pitching machine is battery operated and weight in at just 30 pounds is very portable. It’s ideal for putting in the truck and taking to the local park or pitching fields. When it’s full charged this pitching machine will throw around 500 pitches at up to 65mph. It uses pretty much any 9 inch ball and is great for both infield and outfield drills.

Because the Zooka pitching machine is light, portable and quick to set up it will be used a lot. This translates in to more practise for you and your kids which will see a dramatic improvement in their hitting and fielding ability. This ease of use and quick set up is a key feature for many of the owners of this baseball pitching machine.

This pitching machine is good for shooting pop ups too and you’ll be amazed when you see it shoot one at full power. This feature will really help you and your kids improve your fielding ability and catch the ball. The pop ups go a lot higher than a kid can hit them and is on a par for height with a pro player.

Some people do complain that the ZOoka isn’t very accurate but if you read the manual you will find the settings you need to have to make it accurate.

For the most accurate pitching you need to use dimpled balls. If you use balls of the same color and density then you will get the most consistent results. Using seamed leather balls will throw off the accuracy but will simulate real pitching much more. The stiches create more variation in the pitching and will test your skills more.

Being able to vary both the speeds and the mix of pitches means that you can get some excellent batting practise from it which will see a real improvement when playing the game.

Another great thing is that the Zooka pitching machine can throw real baseballs as well as most other machine balls. It has a compressor on the inside of the machine that pumps up to the right level based on the speed of the pitch you select, and releases the pressure to propel the ball out of the scoop to the plate. Pitch speed is controlled by a small computer on the back of the machine. It even requires the entry of a password before it can be operated.

There are two models of Zooka pitching machines: the ZS720 and ZS740. The 720 is recommended for children ages of only 5 to 11, while the 740 is more suitable up to the age of 18 and above.

The 720 will only throw fastballs up to 50 mph, and has a maximum throwing distance of 130 ft. The 740 will throw up to 70 mph, with a maximum throwing distance of 200 ft. The 740 also has a feature that allows the user to program changeups to be thrown to the hitter. This is always a nice feature to help hitters improve their timing and simulate a game-like at bat. An automatic feeder is also available for this pitching machine.

All in all this is an excellent baseball pitching machine that is high quality, backed by great customer service and will last for years.

Some quotes from satisfied users include:

“This machine is so portable and easy to set up that we use it three to four times a week at the local ball park. It throws pitches are that plenty fast enough to challenge any batter up to an through middle school. My machine will shoot the ball at speeds up to 72 MPH consistently.”

“Our Zooka stands out in my mind as one of the best values for the money of ALL the purchases I’ve made in the last twenty years. “

“This is probably the Rolls Royce of portable pitching machines. It’s easy to use (for the dad’s or the coach’s benefit), it can pitch either the rubber ball that come with it or real baseballs, even badly scuffed ones. It can’t deliver a fastball over 65mph, but with real baseballs it comes close to simulating a knuckle ball. It’s sturdy and durable.”

“With the right swing mechanics and repetition, my son has gone from being a so-so hitter to one of the best in the league. He has also improved his power dramatically and can easily hit a home run in his league (fences are at 160 feet). He is currently 9 years old and is average size.”

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